CrossFit – Sat, Mar 30


The Crucifixion WOD is this Saturday. I hope everyone can make it and participate. I will open the doors at 8am and will try to start running waves around 8:30am.

CrossFit ThunderDome – Location – CrossFit



The Crucifixion John 19:30 (Time)


15 Log Complex

800m Log Carry

24 Turkish Get Ups 53,35

37 Box Jumps 24,20

30 TNG Squat Clean Thrusters 135,95

30 DB Man Makers 35,25

7 Wall Walks

33 Push Press 135,95

3 Muscle Ups (10 Pull Ups)

1 Mile Run

3 Rope Climbs

40 DU’s (120 Singles)


Number Meanings

24 is 2 for each of the disciples

37 is for the number of miracles documented in the Bible that Jesus performed while on earth

30 is for the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas

30 is also for the age in which Jesus was baptized

7 represents the 7 types of wounds Jesus received during the Crucifixion

The log stuff represents Jesus carrying the Cross which is believed to be the Cross member only weighing approximately 150 lbs for a distance of 1k or 800m

33 is the age in which Jesus died

The mile run represents His death

3 Rope climbs signifies He has risen

40 Represents the number of days Jesus walked the earth after He arose from the tomb