CrossFit ThunderDome – CrossFit


Bent Over Row (6 Sets of 8 as an EMOM )

4 Curl Grip and then 4 Over hand every minute for 6 minutes.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

22 Min AMRAP

Minutes 2-4-6

Max Pull Ups

Minutes 8-10-12

Max KB Swings 53,35

Minutes 14-16-18

Max Plate Burpees

Minutes 20-22-24

200m Run

*7 Thrusters 95,65 on all odd minutes. Rest the rest of the minute.

Fully open Burpees

WOD starts with 7 Thrusters and ends with a 200m Run

Score is total number of reps, not to include the Thrusters