Chiropractic Rehab

  • Duration By Appointment Only.

Health & Wellness Chiropractic Rehab Sessions: By Appointment Only.
Open to the public and current members.Pay during visit. Cash or Credit Accepted

The most current treatment methods that best fits the patient presentation. Services provided range from Pain Management to Chiropractic manipulation and much more. This is best suited for either of two types of patients. Those who have injured themselves through trauma (sports, work, auto, etc.) and patients who have chronic pain through everyday wear and tear (posture, bio-mechanics, etc)

Every other Wednesday
4pm to 7 pm
There are two doctors providing service so there are two 20 minute slots available per session.
So there can be 2 people seen at the same time per slot.

Next Available Sessions Are:

September 17th

October 1st

October 15th

October 29th

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