CrossFit ThunderDome – CrossFit


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

10 Min EMOM

Odd – 15 Wall Ball 20,14

Even – 8 DB Thruster 50,35

The DB Thrusters is performed with a DB in each hand.

Please do not drop the DBs from overhead. They WILL break.

Score the WOD by putting how many rounds you completed.

Metcon (Time)


20 Alt DB Snatch 40,30(50,35)

25′ OH DB lunges

10 OH DB Squats *5 each arm

25′ OH DB Lunges

200m Run


xtra wrk – 1-5 Rounds

20′ HS Walks or 4 Wall Walks

1 Min Rest

Time stops after athlete completes 4 rounds. 1 to 5 rounds of extra work is based on the level of the athlete.

Athletes should go straight into the xtra wrk immediately after completing the 4th round.