CrossFit ThunderDome – CrossFit


Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD

100 Cal Row

25 SB V-Ups 35,30(50,35)


60 Snatch 95,65(135,95)

60 Pull Ups


100 Cal AB

20 Wall Ball 20,16

1 Partner starts on Cals in the rower while the other partner performs 25 SB V-Ups. From there the partners can switch out on the rower as often as they like, but the partner exiting the rower will have 25 SB V-Ups each time they switch.

Once the 100 Cals have been completed, both athletes move on to the next section where they will share the 60 Snatch and then the 60 Pull Ups. Only One partner working at a time.

Once finished, the partners will perform the last section the same way as the first.