CrossFit ThunderDome – CrossFit

Exodus 18:14-24


Warm-up (No Measure)

Baseline Work

Jog D&B

High Knees D&B

3 Inch Worms

10 Air Squats

Butt Kick D&B

3 and 10 again

Side Shuffle D&B

10 Push Ups


On Your Own

PVC Stretching

Accessory Work

Bent Over Row (8 Sets of 8 as an EMOM / Sugg-135,85)


Alt rounds with Over hand grip and Curl Grip. Over hand grip should hit at the sternum. Curl Grip should hit a few inches lower than the sternum.


Metcon (Weight)

Partner WOD

2 – 6 Min AMWAP

600m Run – Together

Max Bench Press


2 – 6 Min AMWAP

400m Run – Together

KB Hang C&J

*This WOD is for total pounds pressed.

Athletes will run together and will then switch out on the weighted movement as needed.

You can choose your weight on both movements. Multiply your weight times your total reps for that movement and you have your total weight. Please do not change your weight on either movement once you start. It will work itself out.


Partner 1 does 40 reps on bench at 100 pounds. =4000lbs

Partner 2 does 30 reps on bench at 100 pounds. =3000lbs

Partner 1 does 30 reps on KB C&J @ 53 pounds. = 1590lbs

Partner 2 does the same. = 1590 lbs

Their total for the team score is 10,180 lbs